Maatri – Women Empowerment

Supporting United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals to promote women empowerment eliminate violence and achieve gender equality in every sphere of development. Yug Sanskriti Nyas is actively engaged in supporting the women and girls through its ‘Women Empowerment Drive’. Our organizational events and activities are intended to spread awareness and sensitization at community level. YSN recognizes the role and contribution of women in the society and provide support, reward and facilitates time to time. In the series, their transforming works in different fields are highly recognized and facilitated on 25 March 2021 at the Constitutional Club of India, Delhi. We are also working for their reproductive right to health and hygiene to keep them healthy and empowered. YSN is committed to push forward and promoting every girl & woman to progress on social, economic to political sphere of life and live with dignity in the society. YSN is also working through various initiative started and promoted by various department and ministries across the country.