Parivesh – Environmental Protection

With unequal development and unprecedented exploitation has push the chaotic situation before everyone and one among them is environmental degradation and changing climate. It is everyone prime responsibilities to protect the environment around us to maintain green and clean environment for green and safe future for coming generations. With this motive Yug Sanskriti Nyas come forward with Parivesh to protect our environment. Parivesh is functional with developing green environment in urban areas including urban forestation in many parts of the country. Yug Sanskriti Nyas with the trained tem and a pool of volunteers is working tirelessly to preserve, protect the environment and forest under the leadership of V.K. Singh (Former Principle Chief Conservator Forest) has come forward with positive change. Yug Sanskriti Nyas is generating environmental awareness among the masses, encourage and empower the youth to take green action and create the necessary platforms Many organisations is supporting in palpitation drive and other related measures.