Poshaak – Wear India Drive

Amidst the burden of vulnerability and underprivileged, the necessity to provide clean clothes to the under-privileged stands among YSN important priorities. Our attempts under the initiative of Wear India Drive, is to collect old and new clean clothes from residences across various locations and provide them to the people living roadside, destitute and not capable of buying or arrange cloths. Through Wear India Drive, our Poshaak team and volunteers collect cloths for every season and distribute it to the needy. Recently YSN team distributed saris and kits of menstrual hygiene to help the special needs of afflicted women during the fire disaster at Tughlakabad. YSN team usually distributes warm cloths and blankets to the disadvantaged during chilly winters in various location of Delhi-NCR. Through such initiatives, the organization aimed to continue to provide necessary cloths required for destitute, living road side, railway tracks, abandoned people to cover their body and keep safe from the harmful weather to make them smiling.