Poshan – Feed India Drive

YSN provides the right channels to solve hunger locally at the time of disaster with its Rapid Response Team (RRT). We are committed to challenge all odds against hunger/malnutrition and ensuring food security to the disaster affected population Under Poshan, we serve nutritious meal and dry ration to the people after having exposure to some disaster like COVID-19, Cyclone, Fire, Flood and others who are facing some kind of distress. During COVID-19 pandemic, we provided free cooked meals to over 12000 people per day across various locations of Delhi including the attendants of patients admitted in AIIMS, Safdarjung hospital. We had 32 food distribution centres in Delhi itself. Meals were also served to migrant labourer in association with Delhi Govt and Indian Rail while they were traveling back home. Distribution of dry ration to the Flood affected population is another important strategy to fight food insecurity and hunger. Zomato, Indigo, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, National Service, Scheme,, Indian Rail played a significant role in supporting us in our drive. During the Slums Fire Disaster of Delhi 2021 at Okhla and Jamaia, we were given the opportunity to provide Poshan to the fire victims. Likewise, we duing YAAS 2021, our volunteers distributed dry ration in West Bengal and Odisha.