Become a Volunteer with YSN

Generosity is not dependent on vast wealth but our earnest efforts; time, kind words or even a hearty smile can soothe a troubled soul which is far more than any gift or donation. Here, at Yug Sanskriti Nyas, we believe that volunteering is not just a social service to become a volunteer for an NGO but a path to losing the sense of self-importance and reap humility. Voluntary services is the backbone of all activities connected to Yug Sanskriti Nyas and people from all walks of life and diverse experiences share a common goal of addressing critical issues through their services. Our organisation recognises its achievement in its spirit of volunteering of our dedicated management who actively supports various social drives and events while giving ample opportunities to the young staff for showcasing their serving aptitude. If you have a big heart to contribute in the society and volunteer and work for NGOs in central Delhi, YSN readily invites you to prove your calibre.

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